Department Finance, Accounting, and Taxes


The master’s programme in finance, accounting, and taxes is designed for students seeking to enhance their education in each of these fields as well as to understand the dynamics between these fields. This programme provides students with a deep and wide-ranging knowledge of modern theories and advanced methods pertaining to finance, accounting, and taxes. The aim is to prepare students with the ability to anticipate and analyze the process of corporate decision-making. Students are additionally introduced to the latest scientific developments and are given the opportunity to personalize their studies by specializing in their field of interest. The purpose of this specialization is to broaden the students’ academic knowledge in areas such as quantitative, legal, and monetary issues.

Double degree programme


Since the 2016/17 winter semester, the University of Göttingen Faculty of Economic Sciences offers a double degree programme in close cooperation with the Ghent University Faculty for Economics and Business Administration (in Belgium). Within four semesters, well-qualified students can complete both a M.Sc. degree in finance, accounting, and taxes at the University of Göttingen, as well as a parallel M.Sc. degree in business economics (with a focus on corporate finance or accounting) at Ghent University.

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