Chair of Electronic Finance and Digital Markets

Chair of Electronic Finance and Digital Markets


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The focus of our research and teaching is on the design and management of innovative information systems as well as on the analysis of their impacts.

Our research is characterized by a pluralism of methods and paradigms. On the one hand, we dedicate our research to the shaping and evaluation of innovative theories, models and methods. On the other hand, we deal with analyzing existing phenomena in the context of information systems. In this area of research, we apply methods from qualitative, quantitative and design oriented research.

Information Systems and Decision Support

Information systems research addresses the study of sociotechnical aspects for the development and usage of information technology in an operational context. Another focus is the development and evaluation of innovative methods, models and design theories for decision support. Our activities include the exploration of design oriented foundations for method and theory development.

Management and Governance of IT

Organizations need to align their IT usage with their strategic business objectives. Consequently, each IT investment needs to provide IT business value and the risks associated with IT usage need to be mitigated. Research focuses on the development and execution of digital business strategy, digital transformation, IT project management, business process management and IT security.

Our research and teaching activities have a strong focus on the financial industry and multi-sided digital markets and platforms.