Abteilung Biochemie der Pflanze des Albrecht-von-Haller-Instituts

Abteilung Biochemie der Pflanze des Albrecht-von-Haller-Instituts


The Department for Plant Biochemistry of the Albrecht-von-Haller-Institute for Plant Sciences at the University of Goettingen is located in the Ernst-Caspari-Building. The department consists of two research groups. Actually about 35 people are working on 6 different projects.


We congratulate Franziska Kretschmar, Milena Lewandowska, and Dmitrij Rekhter for successfully completing their Ph.D.!

Franziska KretschmarMilena Lewandowska
Dmitrij Rekhter

We mourn for Prof.em. Hans W. Heldt, who has died 85 recently.


Most recent publications

Rekhter, D., D. Lüdke, Y. Ding, K. Feussner, K. Zienkiewicz, V. Lipka, M. Wiermer, Y. Zhang, and I. Feussner: Isochorismate-derived biosynthesis of the plant stress hormone salicylic acid. Science 365: 498-502.

Haroth, S., K. Feussner, A.A. Kelly, K. Zienkiewicz, A. Shaikhqasem, C. Herrfurth, and I. Feussner: The glycosyltransferase UGT76E1 significantly contributes to 12-O-glucosylpyranosyl-jasmonic acid formation in wounded Arabidopsis thaliana leaves. J. Biol. Chem., online available.

Šola, K., E.J. Gilchrist, D. Ropartz, L. Wang, I. Feussner, S.D. Mansfield, M.-C. Ralet, and G.W. Haughn: RUBY, a putative galactose oxidase, influences pectin properties and promotes cell-to-cell adhesion in the seed coat epidermis of Arabidopsis thaliana. The Plant Cell, online available.