Landesstipendium Niedersachsen

Landesstipendium Niedersachsen

“Lower Saxony scholarship” for students at Göttingen

Current information - All scholarshipholders has accepted and the money of the scholarship will be paid out in december 2017

All dates and relevant information regarding the Lower Saxony scholarship will be posted shortly after lelease on this website.

If you meet one of the eligibility criteria, we look forward to receving your application for the presumably next round in the winter semester 2017/2018.

The Lower Saxony Scholarship - General information and conditions
For the winter semester 2017/201 and the winter semesters before, the University of Göttingen was able to award a number of scholarships funded by the Lower Saxony Ministry of Science and Culture.
In the this round of awards, 296 students could receive a Lower Saxony Scholarship providing them with a one-off grant to the amount of 500€.

The scholarships are awarded on the grounds of special achievements or outstanding ability.

The funds are designed for exceptionally gifted students from educationally disadvantaged backgrounds (neither parent has a degree higher than a certificate of secondary school education [Hauptschulabschluss]), for first-generation students (students who are the first to pursue academic studies in their family) as well as students who had to overcome migration caused difficulties.
In addition, special personal circumstances and outstanding voluntary work can also be considered.

The Lower Saxony scholarship is awarded as a one-off grant of 500 euros.

Application, eligibility and selection procedure
All students (excluding doctoral students) are invited to apply for a Lower Saxony scholarship (Landesstipendium Niedersachsen), on the condition that they are enrolled within the standard period of studies in a basic or a consecutive master’s degree programme.

Applications can be submitted through an online application portal which is accessible via the University's eCampus during the application period only.
The application period will be from the 14th September 2017.
On eCampus, access to the application form can be found on the top bar of the page under "Links" with the entry "Application for a Lower Saxony scholarship".
At the end of the online application, a cover sheet has to be printed out.
The signed cover sheet has to be sent to the responsible faculty together with the required written application documents unteil the 30th September 2017.

The application is only complete once the faculty has received both the online application and the written application documents unteil the 30th September 2017.

There is no need for letters of motivation or recommendation, nor will these be considered positively if submitted.

The application is only permissible for a degree programme or a part-time studies degree programme for which you are enrolled.

As written evidence for educationally disadvantaged background and for first generation students a submission can be used. The submission is available in the online application portal.
The FAQs and the guidelines of the University Göttingen for granting the Germany scholarship give information about the required written evidences for the application.

Lower Saxony Scholarships are allocated according to the same Göttingen University guidelines as for granting Germany Scholarships.

The selection decision is made by a committee formed by the relevant faculty or by the Central Institution for Teacher Education (ZELB). There is no legal entitlement to the granting of a scholarship.