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Archive: Ideas Competitions

The University initiates an Ideas Competion for Students once a year in order to sustainably increase and secure academic quality.
The focus is on the participation of students who are asked to submit their ideas for variable subjects. In this way students can actively help shape study conditions.
The results of previous competitions you can find them below and also in the archives (on the right side of this page).

If you have any questions, suggestions or critic do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to receive your proposals.

2018 – »Excellent study conditions – committed students!«
What does academic teaching and learning look like in the future? Which skills do students need for sustainable actions? How can support services be enhanced and intensified? In 2018, 82 ideas entered the competition and six won prizes.

2017 – »Studies that move!«
Which social problems are interesting to students? Which interactions between university and society should be (stronger) taken into consideration during the studies? What moves students in teaching and learning at the University? How can students get motivated for more athletic and social activities? What skills do students need for active studies? What offers should be established to support students?
The Ideas Competition for Students 2017 was about ideas on teaching and learning at the University of Goettingen with the Slogan »Studies that move!«. Four out of 51 ideas were awarded with cash or materal prizes.

2016 – »Study successfully! Ideas for outstanding studies«
How can students achieve good learning results and how can they be motivated? How can the University accompany its students in the best way? What can the University do to lead students to a successful university degree?
In 2016 we asked for ideas on teaching and learning during successful studies. Four out of 65 ideas were awarded with cash or materal prizes.

2015 – »Begin successfully! Ideas for an outstanding start into your studies«
How do students manage a good start in their studies? How can the University of Goettingen help its students to optimize a successful begin? In 2015 students handed in ideas to improve the start of their studies. Seven ideas for improvement out of 80 were awarded with cash or materal prizes.