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Press release: Expertise in legal issues on information technology and intellectual property

Nr. 89/2017 - 05.05.2017

Göttingen University is setting up a new law degree programme – in English

(pug) With the rapid growth of the digital economy, two key areas have been increasingly fraught with certain legal issues: information technology law and intellectual property rights. The Faculty of Law at Göttingen University is responding to this increasing demand by setting up a new postgraduate Master's degree programme. “European and Transnational Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law (LIPIT)" specialises students in legal matters relating to intellectual property, patents and trademarks as well as software, data protection and online trading.

This English-language degree programme is characterised by its international, European emphasis and tilt towards comparative law, thus providing an important additional qualification for lawyers from all over the world. “This degree programme is intended to highlight Göttingen University’s emphasis on internationalisation, making it an even more attractive location in a highly topical and widely sought-after area of the law," says degree programme officer Dr. Andreas Wiebe, Chair for Civil Law, Intellectual Property Law, Media Law and Information and Communications Technology Law at the Faculty of Law.

In order to be accepted onto a Master's degree programme, a Bachelor's degree – or higher – is required, along with at least one year of qualified professional experience. The main target group predominantly focuses on lawyers who aim to work internationally in the digital economy or in creative and innovative industries. Since the legal areas of IP and IT law heavily intersect with computer sciences, natural sciences, engineering sciences and even media studies, graduates of these disciplines may also apply. The degree pro-gramme lasts two semesters and costs € 7,800. The application deadline is 30 June. For more information, go to

Professor Andreas Wiebe, J.D., LL.M
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