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Press release: The sustainable development of the EU through law

No. 255 - 28.11.2018

Prof. Dr. Peter-Tobias Stoll takes over Jean Monnet Chair at the University of Göttingen

(pug) Peter-Tobias Stoll, Professor for Public and Public International Law at the University of Göttingen, has successfully acquired a "Jean Monnet Chair" as part of the Erasmus+ programme. The three-year project entitled "European Union and Global Sustainable Development Through Law" is funded by the European Commission with 50,000 euros.


The interdisciplinary project focuses on sustainability, one of the major challenges of European integration. The core topics of the comprehensive teaching and research programme are trade, environmental protection, investment, social justice and the rule of law. The teaching programme is aimed at students of various courses and involves European partners and in particular the U4 Network of the University of Göttingen with Ghent, Groningen and Uppsala.


"We are very pleased that Prof. Stoll was able to take over this chair," says Prof. Dr. Hiltraud Casper-Hehne, Vice President for Internationalization. "In doing so, he supports the efforts of the University and its partners in the U4 Network to submit a joint proposal as part of the European Commission's 'European University' initiative and to focus even more strongly on global challenges in research and teaching".


The sustainability goals of the United Nations of 2016, the new trade agreements of the EU, and questions of citizen participation and legitimacy are the focus of the research. The Jean Monnet Professorship also addresses politics, business and the public with conferences and workshops.

Through Jean Monnet activities under the Erasmus+ programme, the European Commission promotes excellence in teaching and research related to EU studies worldwide. This year, 122 projects from 905 applications have been selected for funding across Europe. Further information can be found at



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