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No sex, no problem!
Sexual reproduction is linked to various benefits for the survival of a species. According to the scientific consensus, loss of sex in favour of clonal reproduction leads to a stepwise accumu… - Press release, 12.10.2017

Southern Lower Saxony’s Welcome Centre poised and ready
The project partners of the "Welcome Centre of the Campus Göttingen and the Region of Southern Lower Saxony" have designed a structure for the future Welcome Centre. Alongside the central Wel… - Press release, 10.10.2017

Göttingen University advances to next stage of Excellence Strategy competition
Göttingen University and its Göttingen Campus affiliates are in the running for grant money from the Excellence Strategy funded by the German Federal and State Governments. In early April of 2… - Press release, 29.09.2017

Cocoa agroforestry is less resilient to extreme drought than cocoa in full sun
A new study based on detailed field measurements in West Africa shows cocoa agroforestry to be less drought resilient than previously thought. The study was conducted by doctoral student Issak… - Press release, 18.09.2017

Inferno world with titanium skies
An international team of researchers including the University of Göttingen has detected titanium oxide in an exoplanet atmosphere for the first time. Using the FORS2 instrument at ESO’s Very L… - Press release, 15.09.2017

Attractive research location for international scientists
The University of Göttingen continues to be in high demand amongst international researchers. In its 2017 Humboldt Rankings, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation has given sixth place in Germ… - Press release, 01.09.2017

From bacteria to birds: tropical plantations disrupt biodiversity
A research team at the University of Göttingen has conducted a large-scale study in Indonesia to understand how the conversion of rainforest to rubber and oil palm plantations alters biodivers… - Press release, 28.08.2017

A playground for evolution
The term “genome” refers to the entirety of the genetic material that is encoded in each individual cell of an organism and contains information that dictates how species-specific morphologica… - Press release, 31.07.2017

A new level of magnetic saturation
An international group of astronomers lead by scientists from the University of Göttingen has detected unexpectedly strong magnetic fields on the surface of a few fast rotating M dwarf stars. … - Press release, 24.07.2017

Believed long-lost amber stones with inclusions now rediscovered
Almost 20,000 objects of the Königsberg amber stone collection are being entrusted to and scientifically curated by Göttingen University for Stiftung Preussischer Kulturbesitz. The curator of … - Press release, 17.07.2017

Increase in cocoa yields through ecological intensification
Cocoa is one of the world's most widely traded commodities. The optimisation of pollination is an essential factor for increasing yields. However, only around five to ten percent of cocoa flow… - Press release, 14.07.2017

The function of tiny organisms
Tiny organisms are the object of postdoctoral studies by French biologist Dr. Amandine Erktan at the University of Göttingen and the Freie Universität Berlin. With funding by the European Unio… - Press release, 31.05.2017

DFG funds Göttingen research training groups
Commencing in September 2017, the German Research Foundation (DFG) is planning to fund a new research training group (RTG) on forest sciences at Göttingen University. Concurrently, the DFG ext… - Press release, 15.05.2017

Expertise in legal issues on information technology and intellectual property
With the rapid growth of the digital economy, two key areas have been increasingly fraught with certain legal issues: information technology law and intellectual property rights. The Faculty o… - Press release, 05.05.2017

Significant economic burden from diabetes
With more than 420 million affected individuals, as highlighted by the WHO Global report on diabetes issued for the 2016 World Diabetes Day, diabetes is among the leading metabolic diseases an… - Press release, 27.04.2017