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Understanding the brain—neuroscientists meet in Göttingen
From September 3rd until 5th, 2014, the international Bernstein Conference 2014 will be held at Georg-August-Universität Göttingen. More than 500 scientists from the fields of physics, mathema… - Press release, 28.08.2014

Do spiders need extra genes to spin their webs?
The common house spider has significantly more active genes than humans. In addition, these spiders possess all the key genes that also control embryonic development in humans. These are the c… - Press release, 22.08.2014

Protected areas shall prevent extirpation
A large-scale field study conducted by an international research group of Göttingen University and Universitas Cenderawasih Papua, Indonesia, is studying effects of habitat alteration, changes… - Press release, 15.08.2014

Stars 2.0 – From the first generation of stars to the second
Scientists from the Universities of Göttingen and Copenhagen have modelled the formation of the oldest known star in the Milky Way using high-resolution computer simulations. From this simulat… - Press release, 22.07.2014

Prize for outstanding contributions to Sino-German collaboration
The Chinese scholar and interpreter Prof. Jianbin Wang has been awarded Göttingen University's Medal Aureus Gottingensis. With this award, the University honours him for his outstanding contri… - Press release, 16.07.2014

Research and knowledge transfer with modern China
The University of Göttingen has ceremonially inaugurated the first Academic Confucius Institute (ACI) worldwide. The Institute aims to do primarily research-orientated work and educate the pub… - Press release, 15.07.2014

How social behavior affects health
In the research group entitled "Sociality and Health in Primates", eight scientists from Göttingen, Berlin and Leipzig investigate the effects that group living has on the health of wild lemur… - Press release, 02.07.2014

Ultrafast control over electron pulses
The rapid-paced improvement in the performance of modern electronics, like those used in smartphones, is based on increasingly smaller and faster computer chips. For the first time, researcher… - Press release, 02.07.2014

Göttingen University forges eResearch Alliance
eResearch stands for the promotion of teaching and research using technology and computer science driven by high-performance innovative research and information infrastructures. Göttingen Univ… - Press release, 10.06.2014

Moon formed after collision of planets
Scientists from the Universities of Göttingen, Cologne, and Münster in Germany have resolved an isotopic difference between the Earth and the Moon. The slight variation in oxygen isotopes conf… - Press release, 06.06.2014

Life on the edge of the Milky Way?
An international team of astronomers with the involvement of scientists of the University of Göttingen reports two new planets orbiting a very old and nearby star to the Sun. One of the newly-… - Press release, 05.06.2014

Cells flex their muscles to stir themselves
An international team of scientists led by the University of Göttingen has discovered a new biological transport mechanism in cells. The researchers developed and applied a new method to visua… - Press release, 30.05.2014

Historians' conference on “Winners and Losers"
The 50th “Historikertag”, the Convention of the German Historical Association, one of the largest humanities conferences in Europe, will take place at Göttingen University from September 23 to… - Press release, 12.05.2014

Are plants more intelligent than we assumed?
Plants are also able to make complex decisions. At least this is what scientists from the Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research (UFZ) and the University of Göttingen have concluded from … - Press release, 04.03.2014

Once a criminal, always a criminal?
Scientists at the University of Göttingen and the Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law in Freiburg were commissioned by the German Federal Ministry of Justice to sea… - Press release, 21.02.2014