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Bacterial policing: Why you’d better cooperate with your own family
Bacteria are unicellular organisms that may show surprising levels of sociality. Scientists from the University of Göttingen recently discovered that cooperating bacteria are able to produce t… - Press release, 01.11.2013

Göttingen University once again second-best German university in world rankings
In its World Rankings 2013/2014, renowned British magazine Times Higher Education (THE) places the University of Göttingen 63rd among the Top 200, making it once again the second-best German i… - Press release, 09.10.2013

Göttingen University to open the first Academic Confucius Institute worldwide
In early 2014, Göttingen University will be opening the first Academic Confucius Institute worldwide. The institute aims to do primarily research-based work and transfer current research resul… - Press release, 08.10.2013

Advanced Forecast for Ensuring Communications Through Space
An international team of researchers headed by the University of Göttingen has developed the first prototype for a European early warning system for weather in outer space, with specific empha… - Press release, 26.09.2013

German-Japanese University Consortium expands support of young researchers
The universities in the German-Japanese Consortium "HeKKSaGOn" will be intensifying their support of young scientists and scholars through joint research projects. A declaration of this intent… - Press release, 20.09.2013

Facebook profiles convey realistic impressions
There are two widespread opinions about social networks: One claims that many people use Facebook to present themselves in the most positive light. The other assumes that many Facebook users a… - Press release, 13.09.2013

Once again most successful German university in the EU programme
Göttingen University can offer scholarships to foreign academics, researchers and students totalling around 6 million euros. This is equivalent to 290 scholarships of varying duration. The mon… - Press release, 12.09.2013

Characterizing the world’s islands for biodiversity research
A team of researchers from the University of Göttingen in Germany and Yale University (USA) has presented the most comprehensive description and characterization so far of bioclimatic and phys… - Press release, 02.09.2013

National bird of the Seychelles endangered
The small island Praslin, one of the Seychelles, is home to a unique population of Coracopsis (nigra) barklyi, also called the Seychelles black parrot. Scientists from the University of Göttin… - Press release, 20.08.2013

Göttingen University is again No. 2 German university in world rankings
In its overall world rankings, the authoritative British magazine Times Higher Education (THE) has listed the University of Göttingen 70th for 2012/13, making it the second-best German institu… - Press release, 18.07.2013

Award for Göttingen University’s “Research Alumni Strategy”
The University of Göttingen ranks among this year’s award winners in the first round of the "Research Alumni Strategies” competition, sponsored by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. The pr… - Press release, 01.07.2013

Three Planets in Habitable Zone of Nearby Star
A team of astronomers has combined new observations of Gliese 667C with existing data from HARPS at ESO’s 3.6-metre telescope in Chile, to reveal a system with at least six planets. A record-b… - Press release, 25.06.2013

Argentina Week of the Göttingen Research Campus
The science and culture of Argentina are the focus of the Argentina Week taking place on the Göttingen Research Campus from June 10 to 15, 2013. For many years, the University of Göttingen and… - Press release, 07.06.2013

Genetically modified cotton improves nutrition of small-scale farmers in India
The adoption of genetically modified cotton has significantly improved the nutrition situation of small-scale farmers in India. In a recent study, scientists from the University of Göttingen u… - Press release, 06.06.2013

Göttingen scientist receives Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Prize
Dr Daniel Stein from the Philosophy Faculty of the University of Göttingen is the winner of the Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Prize, the most important prize in Germany for young academics. He is thus … - Press release, 04.06.2013