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Observing the motion of living cells
Scientists from the University of Göttingen have developed a new technique which allows for observing the motion of living cells with a resolution that hadn’t been possible before. The new opt… - Press release, 15.01.2014

Ancient mystery of cell division solved
An international team of scientists led by the University of Göttingen has deciphered a key mechanism of cell division. A striking feature of cell division is the condensation or compaction of… - Press release, 03.01.2014

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) honours student from Nicaragua
Salvador Marcello Perez Alvarez from Nicaragua is currently studying at Göttingen University and has been awarded this year's prize for outstanding foreign students by the German Academic Exch… - Press release, 10.12.2013

Arctic algae: witnesses of sea-ice decline
Scientists from the University of Göttingen have succeeded in tracing the changes and decline of Arctic sea-ice back to medieval times. Thus, they discovered that Arctic sea-ice has been melti… - Press release, 18.11.2013

Göttingen University posts steady growth in student population
For winter semester 2013/2014 around 5,700 new students are anticipated to enrol in Göttingen University. That's nearly four per cent more than last year. Over 4,300 of those newly enrolling s… - Press release, 18.11.2013

Göttingen University supports victims of natural disaster on the Philippines
In the wake of the natural disaster on the Philippines, Göttingen University would like to help stricken Philippine students and their families by launching an aid appeal. Göttingen's partner … - Press release, 15.11.2013

Spectacular text discoveries relating to Euripides and Aristotle
Two recently discovered and yet unexplored manuscripts from medieval times are the subject of a joint research project of the Universities of Göttingen and Bologna as well as the Cultural Foun… - Press release, 11.11.2013

Efficient Utilization of Renewable Resources
Strategies and approaches for the efficient utilization of renewable resources are the subject of an international conference on November, 13 and 14, 2013 at the University of Göttingen. The “… - Press release, 06.11.2013

Birds and bats increase cacao crop yield in Indonesia
The presence of birds and bats on cacao plantations positively impacts cacao crop yields. This is what scientists from the University of Göttingen found in the large-scale exclosure field expe… - Press release, 06.11.2013

Bacterial policing: Why you’d better cooperate with your own family
Bacteria are unicellular organisms that may show surprising levels of sociality. Scientists from the University of Göttingen recently discovered that cooperating bacteria are able to produce t… - Press release, 01.11.2013

Göttingen University once again second-best German university in world rankings
In its World Rankings 2013/2014, renowned British magazine Times Higher Education (THE) places the University of Göttingen 63rd among the Top 200, making it once again the second-best German i… - Press release, 09.10.2013

Göttingen University to open the first Academic Confucius Institute worldwide
In early 2014, Göttingen University will be opening the first Academic Confucius Institute worldwide. The institute aims to do primarily research-based work and transfer current research resul… - Press release, 08.10.2013

Advanced Forecast for Ensuring Communications Through Space
An international team of researchers headed by the University of Göttingen has developed the first prototype for a European early warning system for weather in outer space, with specific empha… - Press release, 26.09.2013

German-Japanese University Consortium expands support of young researchers
The universities in the German-Japanese Consortium "HeKKSaGOn" will be intensifying their support of young scientists and scholars through joint research projects. A declaration of this intent… - Press release, 20.09.2013

Facebook profiles convey realistic impressions
There are two widespread opinions about social networks: One claims that many people use Facebook to present themselves in the most positive light. The other assumes that many Facebook users a… - Press release, 13.09.2013