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Illuminating biomolecules
Professor Claudia Höbartner of the Institute of Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry at Göttingen University has received a Consolidator Grant from the European Research Council (ERC). Starting … - Press release, 01.07.2016

Biodiversity loss prohibits necessary evolution of species
The extinction of species may slow down or prevent the evolution of new species needed to compensate the functions of the ones which went extinct. This is the conclusion of the first experimen… - Press release, 28.06.2016

Intensified cooperation between the agricultural sciences
Göttingen University and UC Davis are planning to work more closely together in the future. The two institutions of higher learning want to intensify their cooperation primarily by promoting t… - Press release, 28.06.2016

Excellent project in Computer Science
A joint German-Japanese research project in Computer Science, coordinated by the University of Göttingen, has successfully passed the final review by the European Union with the grade of “exce… - Press release, 23.06.2016

Göttingen chemist receives Max von Laue Award
Dr. Francesca Fabbiani, chemist at the University of Göttingen, has received the Max von Laue Award of the German Crystallographic Society (DGK). With the award, the DGK honors Dr. Fabbiani’s … - Press release, 13.06.2016

Social networks and big data
Interdisciplinary research on social networks and big data lies at the heart of a new joint institute of the Universities of Göttingen in Germany and Nanjing in China. With the objective of ad… - Press release, 10.06.2016

Integrated Welcome Centre for Göttingen Campus and region
International scientists, scholars, trained professionals and executives who want to work in the southern region of Lower Saxony will be receiving even more wide-ranging support in future. To… - Press release, 31.05.2016

Breakthrough in genetics
Scientists at Göttingen University have discovered the cause of a worldwide lethal genetic defect affecting Holstein Friesian dairy cows. This finding now forms the basis for a direct genetic … - Press release, 02.05.2016

Protection from the sun
Nearly four billion years ago, life arose on Earth. Life appeared because our planet had a rocky surface, liquid water and a blanketing atmosphere. But life thrived thanks to another necessary… - Press release, 17.03.2016

Watching a rainbow form with the world’s fastest spectrometer
Ultrashort flashes of light consist of a broadband spectrum – a rainbow – and the shorter the pulse, the more colors it contains. A collaborative research effort at the University of Göttingen… - Press release, 15.03.2016

Snail shells offer clue in unravelling common origins of body asymmetry
An international team of researchers has discovered a gene in snails that determines whether their shells twist clockwise or anti-clockwise – and could offer clues to how the same gene affects… - Press release, 29.02.2016

Research under political pressure
In January 2016, Göttingen University became a member in the “Scholars at Risk" network. “Scholars at Risk” is a worldwide coalition of more than 400 higher education associations in a total o… - Press release, 29.01.2016

More than mere English proficiency and foreign experience
Lectures by experts from all over the world broadcast online and intensified interaction between local and foreign cultures: Göttingen University has initiated a systematic internationalisatio… - Press release, 15.01.2016

Interplay between electrical charges and light
As part of their miniaturisation process, many of today's electronic components have already reached the nanometre size. A research team at Göttingen University has modelled a system that enab… - Press release, 05.01.2016

“Planet hunter” successfully tested
Information on Earth-like planets – that is what scientists hope to get from Carmenes, a new highly complex spectrograph. Carmenes was developed and constructed by eleven partners in Spain and… - Press release, 17.12.2015