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Place of reflection for students and staff
Göttingen University has set up a “Room of Silence“ for its students and employees on central campus. The room, located in the multi-purpose building (MZG) called the Blue Tower, was inaugurat… - Press release, 20.11.2015

Fossil deep water sponges are similar to modern sponge assemblages
Fossils and sediments from deep sea zones of some thousand meters are extremely rare. A German-Chinese team of scientists with participation from Göttingen University found fossil sponge assem… - Press release, 19.11.2015

Senate confirms President in office
Professor Ulrike Beisiegel will remain President of Göttingen University. The Senate of the University resolved her second term with an overwhelming majority; the Foundation Committee of the U… - Press release, 18.11.2015

First quantification of Earth’s groundwater
An international team of scientists with participation from the University of Göttingen has produced the first data-driven estimate of the Earth’s total supply of groundwater. The study shows … - Press release, 13.11.2015

Professor Ulrike Beisiegel re-elected HRK Vice-President
Göttingen University President Professor Ulrike Beisiegel has been re-elected Vice-President of the German Rectors’ Conference (HRK). Prof. Beisiegel has been Vice-President of University Mana… - Press release, 10.11.2015

Immunity in plants
The DFG will be funding a new international research training group in the field of plant sciences at Göttingen University. A total of 20 doctoral researchers will thus receive a structured ed… - Press release, 09.11.2015

Quality Pact for Teaching: Göttingen University repeats success
Programmes for better study conditions and better quality in teaching at Göttingen University will be supported by further grants from the Quality Pact for Teaching. The University was able to… - Press release, 06.11.2015

Ancient monumental structure discovered in Lower Saxony
A new site discovered during excavation work by the University of Göttingen is now changing views on how the northernmost Neolithic farming and livestock-raising cultures were distributed at t… - Press release, 05.11.2015

Host communities can benefit from refugee influx
Researchers from the University of Göttingen analysed the impact of refugee policy on local populations in Uganda. Their finding was that people living in villages near refugee settlements had… - Press release, 05.11.2015

When wild prey reaches a certain bottom level, big cats begin to kill livestock
Big cats, such as lions, tigers or leopards, are well known to kill domestic livestock and provoke counteraction from local people. As a result, people incur economic losses and wipe out cats … - Press release, 03.11.2015

Mosaic landscapes enhance functional diversity of animals
Agroecologists from the University of Göttingen have found that mosaic landscapes enhance the functional diversity of animals. Their study focused on entire arthropod communities inhabiting ma… - Press release, 21.10.2015

Antibiotic-like Substances from the Jurassic Period
Analysis of enigmatic pinkish-colored fossils of putative red algae has led to a great surprise: the fossil pigments from the Jurassic period are substances showing an astonishing similarity t… - Press release, 20.10.2015

A new era of precision astronomy
Astrophysicists from the University of Göttingen are participating in the development of the MICADO camera, a first light instrument for the European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT). The E-E… - Press release, 07.10.2015

Growth and expansion in non-commutative groups
The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded a Consolidator Grant to Professor Harald Andrés Helfgott, mathematician at Göttingen University. With this grant, the ERC is promoting research … - Press release, 05.10.2015

Climate change can alleviate livestock diseases and human-leopard conflicts
Conflicts between people and carnivores arise mostly because of predation of carnivores, such as big cats or wolves, on livestock and other domestic animals. A recent study in villages around … - Press release, 01.10.2015