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Living fossils with modern limbs
A team of researchers from the Universities of Göttingen and Uppsala investigated the genetic developmental mechanisms in prehistoric onychophorans. They were thus quite surprised, because the… - Press release, 05.02.2015

Interplay between gas and water molecules
Scientists from the University of Göttingen and the Institut Laue Langevin in Grenoble have discovered a new form of ice. Ice XVI is the 17th discovered form of ice and the least dense of all … - Press release, 10.12.2014

Improvement of third-party services for web users
Researchers from the University of Göttingen and the University of California at Riverside have proposed a novel mechanism to improve how certain third-party services could be provided by exis… - Press release, 09.12.2014

A faithful friend is the medicine of life
Humans that form strong social bonds or friendships and feel less lonely are less likely to suffer from infections, heart diseases and chronically elevated stress levels. A recent study indica… - Press release, 08.12.2014

Modern China from the perspective of global history
Starting 2015 the Volkswagen Group will be funding an endowed professorship in "Modern China with a global history focus" at Göttingen University. The aim of the endowed professorship is to de… - Press release, 03.12.2014

Carnivorous plants from the Baltic amber forest
Researchers from the Universities of Göttingen and Bielefeld and the Botanical State Collection of Munich, led by paleontologist Professor Alexander Schmidt from the University of Göttingen, h… - Press release, 01.12.2014

Promoting joint activities in doctoral education
The universities in the U4 Network – Göttingen, Gent, Groningen and Uppsala – launch joint programmes to train their doctoral candidates. At this year's U4 Rectors' Meeting in Göttingen, the p… - Press release, 25.11.2014

DFG extends funding for two of Göttingen’s Collaborative Research Centres
The German Research Foundation (DFG) has extended funding for two current Collaborative Research Centres (CRC) at the University of Göttingen and the University Medical Center Göttingen – each… - Press release, 21.11.2014

English Department welcomes Humboldt scholar
As of this autumn, the Medieval English Studies section of Göttingen University’s English Department has the pleasure of hosting Dr. Steven Rozenski of Harvard University. Thanks to a grant of… - Press release, 19.11.2014

Symmetrical knees make faster runners
The more symmetrical the knees, the faster the runner. This is the result of a study by an international group of researchers led by Rutgers University and involving the University of Göttinge… - Press release, 17.11.2014

Moraines and eroded mountains: Testimony to a continental glacier
For the first time, a foreign geoscientist has succeeded in travelling to one of the most far-reaching areas of Central Tibet to study the evolution of Ice Age landscapes. "The geomorphologica… - Press release, 14.11.2014

Balance Between Humans and Nature
Population growth, advances in technology, and urbanization are profoundly changing the relationship between humans and nature around the globe. Researchers at the Universities of Cape Town, K… - Press release, 06.11.2014

Göttingen University wins further Alexander von Humboldt Professorship
Göttingen University has been successful in its nomination for the most highly endowed German research prize: The mathematician Professor Harald Andrés Helfgott has been awarded an Alexander v… - Press release, 24.10.2014

Göttingen University posts steady growth in student population
For winter semester 2014/2014, around 6,000 new students are anticipated to enrol in Göttingen University. That’s roughly five percent more than last year. The aggregate number of all students… - Press release, 21.10.2014

Magnetic white dwarfs appear younger than they are
An international group of astronomers including a scientist from the University of Göttingen has found an explanation of the long-standing mystery of why magnetic fields are more common among … - Press release, 20.10.2014