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Göttingen University intensifies cooperation with top U.S. universities
Moving forward, Göttingen University will collaborate more closely with the world-class University of California (UC) system at 10 campuses in California, USA. The initial aim is to expand coo… - Press release, 11.09.2015

Together into the digital future
The University of Göttingen and the University of Edinburgh have agreed to collaborate more closely in the humanities, social and natural sciences. Professor Ulrike Beisiegel, President of the… - Press release, 09.09.2015

Global exchange of biological data is crucial for study and protection of nature
Tiger, harpy eagle, giant salamander: Emerging economies from Brazil to China are home to some of the most fascinating and threatened animals on earth. But despite these biological treasures, … - Press release, 07.09.2015

Top-level research in Lower Saxony
With its five grant applications, Göttingen University was successfully awarded funding in the contest for "Top-level Research in Lower Saxony". "The funding of our location strategy and our f… - Press release, 01.09.2015

Where alien plants take root
For the first time, a scientific survey provides a global overview of the naturalisation and distribution of plants on continents outside their native ranges. An international group of researc… - Press release, 24.08.2015

Göttingen student holds speech before UN General Assembly
A chance to speak before the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York: Wiebke Dirks, a Göttingen student enrolled in the teaching degree programme was successful in doing just that. … - Press release, 14.08.2015

Tropical deforestation releases large amounts of soil carbon
Deforestation of natural tropical forests for the establishment of oil palm, rubber and cacao plantations causes large amounts of carbon to be released into the atmosphere. Scientists at the U… - Press release, 27.07.2015

Improved veterinary service for livestock is significant for leopard conservation
In the surroundings of wildlife conservation areas, human-wildlife conflicts over livestock predation are common. One example is the Golestan National Park in Iran. It retains the largest sing… - Press release, 02.07.2015

Distinguished for commitment to higher education
The President of the University of Göttingen, Professor Ulrike Beisiegel, has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the University of Edinburgh. Professor Beisiegel was thereby honoured for he… - Press release, 01.07.2015

International students as subtenants
Come winter semester 2015/2016, the University of Göttingen will again be welcoming a multitude of international exchange students to the "city that creates knowledge". Their start in a new ci… - Press release, 18.06.2015

One important step towards a diversity-minded corporate culture
The University of Göttingen is signatory to the "Charter of Diversity". At a satellite event accompanying Germany’s Third Diversity Day in the Great Hall (Aula) at Wilhelmsplatz, University Pr… - Press release, 15.06.2015

Coimbra Group restructuring
The Coimbra Group, a European network of 40 full-subject universities, is restructuring. At the Annual Conference in Istanbul this week, the members of the General Assembly have resolved a fun… - Press release, 15.06.2015

Schrödinger's cat in an electron microscope
The term “Schrödinger's cat” illustrates the fundamental principle that, in quantum mechanics, a system can exist simultaneously in two mutually exclusive states. Scientists at the University … - Press release, 19.05.2015

German Research Foundation fosters research training groups at the University of Göttingen
From 1 October 2015, the German Research Foundation (DFG) will be supporting two new research training groups at Göttingen University. The University will be establishing one of the new colleg… - Press release, 13.05.2015

Discovery of exact pymetrozine and pyrifluquinanzon target
Scientists from BASF Crop Protection and the University of Göttingen in Germany have found a new insecticide target protein. The study could help to better manage insecticide resistance and ha… - Press release, 07.05.2015