Academic Degree Network

Academic Degree Network

Academic Degree Network
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The support and advice offered by the Academic Degree Network is designed to help students from every field of studies whether they face delays in completing their studies or risk dropping out.
We know that delays and interruptions in your studies can occur as a result of many reasons: financial problems, switching degree programme, relocation, foreign placements, problems with motivation, illness, examination nerves, failures and personal or family difficulties.

The faculties and advisory services have developed specific services intended to help you:

  • increase your motivation
  • develop realistic goals
  • make sound decisions
  • effectively boost your studies
  • make contact

If you need help to deal with the following issues and questions, why not contact the team in the Academic Degree Network?

  • Do you want support with the final phase of your studies?
  • Have you already exceeded the standard time for studies?
  • Do you expect delays completing your studies?
  • Are you wavering between getting going and giving up?
  • Have you lost sight of the point of it all?
  • Are you unable to decide whether you want to continue your studies or look for alternatives?
  • Are you uncertain about “afterwards”?
  • Have you lost contact with the department and your fellow students?
  • Do you want to make an early start on your future prospects and the transition to working life?