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Social Sciences (Ph.D./doctorate)

Subject: Social Sciences (Ph.D./doctorate)
Degree: Doctorate (Dr. disc. pol.) or Ph.D.
Standard period of study: Six semesters
Start: Every winter and summer semester
Admission: Limited admission (application to the Faculty of Social Sciences)
Application Deadline: March 15th (for summer semester) and September 15th (for winter semester)
Language of the programme: German, English

Programme description
The aim of the doctoral programme in Social Sciences at the Faculty of Social Sciences is to qualify the students for taking on responsible tasks in research and education and in non-university fields of occupation. A research-oriented, post-graduate course of education with a set curriculum enables students to master the modern theories and methods of the social sciences, to critically reflect upon them and apply them as well as to produce scientific knowledge. In addition, key qualifications are also conveyed.

The dissertation topic will be selected from a subject that is represented at the Faculty of Social Sciences: Ethnology, Gender Studies, Education , Political Science, Sociology or Sports Science.

The joint object of research of the individual disciplines at the Faculty of Social Sciences is the social action of humans at a historically and socially definable location. Based on current social processes and problems the conditions for individual and collective actions are examined, their cultural, gender and class specific forms described and its effects and consequences on macrosocial as well as microsocial level are examined. The aim is to use this unique combination found only at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Göttingen in order to theoretically and empirically penetrate current fields of science from different perspectives. Theoretical methods of the social sciences are applied in order to do so. The joint Centre of Methods of the Faculty of Social Sciences ensures methodical advising and support for empirical research projects. The research at the Faculty of Social Sciences is mainly formed in the following years with two research foci: “Educational Research: Education and Occupational-Biographical Transitions in the Early Course of Life” and “Globalisation of Economic Activity and Institutional Change”.

Programme structure
The programme is completely modularized. In the first and second year of study, students will take courses on the basics of methods and scientific theories of the social sciences as well as on modern theories in the social sciences. A workshop serving as an opportunity to check on progress and prospects takes place during the lecture-free period in the second year. In the third year of study, the dissertation is the main topic of focus. Doctoral colloquia are offered every year. Good knowledge of English and German are required.

Occupational fields
Academic education and research work in university and non-university research institutes, managerial positions in the field of public relations and media, in administration, knowledge management, international organisations and intercultural transfer, adult education and continuing education, in associations, advisory agencies as well as in marketing and opinion research.

Admission requirements
Degree from a university programme or at a comparable institute of higher education in a discipline represented at the Faculty of Social Sciences. The above average completion of a programme of study is documented by a Master's degree, a “Magister” or “Diplom” examination or a comparable academic degree with a grade of at least “good” (up to 2.5).