Profile of the Faculty of Social Sciences

The distinguishing characteristic of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen is its broad combination of subjects ranging from Ethnology, Educational Science, Gender Studies, Political Science, Sociology, Sport Science to Modern Indian Studies. The Faculty also runs a cross-departmental Center of Methods. In the past few years, it has been increasingly successful in establishing interdisciplinary links between these subjects in both teaching and research.
One research topic mutually shared by the Faculty’s disciplines focuses on the way people at a historically, geographically and socially determinable location act and experience from a social point of view; another topic analyses from micro-, meso- and macrosocial perspectives the social conditions of individual and collective actions in society. The objective of this research is to compare different social and temporal contexts. The Faculty’s fields of research are characterised by interdisciplinarity and the principle of uniting and teaching a broad spectrum of quantitative and qualitative methodologies. Moreover, by virtue of its ethnological collection, the Faculty is an internationally renowned location for comprehensively mapping the processes of cultural change.