Faculty of Social Sciences

Faculty of Social Sciences

International Summer School 2019

Summer School Diversity

The Goettingen Diversity Research Institute is organizing a third international Summer School on "Globalization and Diversity" which will be held from 08.07.-19.07.2019 in cooperation with partner universities from Europe, the United States and Japan.

The summer school will provide students with an overview over current debates on social diversity on a global and local scale. Through lectures the students will gain theoretical knowledge on different levels and dimensions of diversity. Therefore speakers from various research backgrounds are invited.




Embedded within the Göttingen Research Campus – where myriad cooperative relationships with university and non-university institutes and centres merge – the Faculty of Social Sciences divides its research foci into three interlinked subjects “Globalisation and institutional change”, “Cultural and religious diversity and social integration” and “Educational research”.
Alongside these areas of emphasis, the field of gender studies in the social sciences represents a cross-sectoral topic that had been managed under the auspices of the Faculty for a quite while. In April 2011, the establishment of a chair for Gender Studies in Sociology strengthened this departmental structure even more.


Göttingen – An academic venue par excellence


Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, founded in 1737, sees itself as a global player among the world’s major research institutions with a focus on research-based teaching. As many as 25,000 students are enrolled at the 13 faculties at any one time. By engaging international scholars, researchers and scientists and a high proportion of foreign students, the University of Göttingen follows its tradition as a research campus of international significance and renown. In 2007, thanks to its institutional strategy to promote top-level research entitled “Tradition – Innovation – Autonomy”, Georg-August-Universität was successfully included in the Excellence Initiative of the German Federal Government and the State Governments. This placed Göttingen among the top nine German universities accredited with a pedigree in international competitiveness.