Division of Plant Breeding Methodology

Plant Breeding is one of the cutting-edge areas of agricultural research. With a tool box encompassing a wide spectrum of modern methods, our objective at Göttingen is to identify optimum combinations among them. To obtain maximum benefit from our genetic resources we thus employ both classical approaches (interspecific crosses, release of mutations, quantitative genetics and selection theory, high-throughput methods of quality assessment, field trials running under conventional, low-input and under organic conditions) and biotechnological approaches (production of haploids, molecular markers, genome analyses, genetic engineering).
The Division of Plant Breeding Methodology is headed by Tim Beissinger.

  • Plant Breeding Methodology (Prof. Timothy Beissinger; Head of Division)
    Plant Quantitative and Population Genetics. To better understand plants' evolution and to exploit such novel insight for current and future genetic improvement.

    Additional working groups in the division
  • Breeding Research in Faba Bean (apl. Prof. Wolfgang Link)
    Prebreeding and breeding method in faba bean

  • Genome Analysis and Application of Markers (PD Dr. Wolfgang Ecke)
    Application of molecular markers for genome analysis (Synteny, LD) and genetic analysis of quantitative traits in rapeseed and faba bean

    Former working groups in the division
  • Organic plant breeding (Dr. Bernd Horneburg)
    Transitioning to University Kassel-Witzenhausen.

  • Breeding Methodology in Maize and Rapeseed (Prof. Heiko Becker)
    In October 2018, I went into retirement. Nevertheless, I am still be available for my (currently four) PhD students and for other PhD students as may contact me to discuss their work.