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Computer Science (B.A.) (two subjects)

Programme name: Computer Science (B.A.) (two subjects)
Degree: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
Standard duration of study: 6 semesters
Start: Winter semester only

Admission to the winter semester 2019/20:

  • 1st subject semester: open admission (enrolment without previous application)
  • 2nd to 6th subject semester: open admission (enrolment without previous application)
  • International applicants (non-EU): open admission (application to International Student Services)

Subject description
The dual-subject Bachelor's degree programme Computer Science teaches students scientific fundamentals and methodology in computer science combined with an additional subject area. The great diversity of subject combinations also includes in particular the option to combine Computer Science with Humanities and Social Sciences subjects. This is highly recommended, since the influence of information technology on society could not be any greater. How can the general public be sensitised for the topic of data privacy? What are the ethical consequences of research into artificial intelligence? How can we protect basic civil rights in times of NSA disclosures? Due to its interdisciplinary character, the dual-subject Bachelor's degree programme in Computer Science offers a basis for interdisciplinary discussion of these vital issues. But the influence of computer science on society is not the only interesting aspect; the possibilities for information technology applications in Humanities and Social Sciences, such as text analysis, also offer new research potential. In combination with a
subject from Humanities and Social Sciences, the dual-subject Bachelor's degree programme paves the way to "Digital Humanities".

Digital Humanities
Anyone interested in "Digital Humanities" (DH) is right on target with a dual-subject Bachelor's degree programme of "Computer Science plus Humanities and Social Science". This subject combination offers a basis for the application of computer-assisted processes and the use of digital resources in Humanities and Social Sciences. DH at Göttingen University currently concentrates on archaeology and texts (linguistics and literary studies) as fields of research. Successful completion of a dual-subject Bachelor's degree in "Computer Science plus Humanities/Social Science" qualifies students for advanced studies in the degree programme Applied Computer Science (M.Sc.), in which "Digital Humanities" can be chosen as the main subject area.

Who is suitable?
Anyone choosing Computer Science as their subject of study should be interested in formal mathematical as well as application-related practical work. The ability to work in a team is a vital prerequisite for daily professional work later on. English language skills are required. Special subject-related knowledge, especially in programming, is not required. The preparatory course in mathematics will enable students to refresh their knowledge of mathematics before starting their degree programme.