Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology and The Ethnographic Collection

GISCA Occasional Paper Series

The Göttingen Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology (GISCA) Occasional Paper Series publishes excellent student theses, current research findings of the institute's researching and teaching staff as well as outstanding talks at our institute's colloquium.

Prof. Dr. Elfriede Hermann,
Prof. Dr. Andrea Lauser,
Prof. Dr. Roman Loimeier,
Prof. Dr. Nikolas Schareika

Managing Editor
Dr. Jovan Maud

Assistant Managing Editor:
Jelka Günther, M.A.

  • Nr. 08 (2016)
    Marriage, Modernity and 'Manner': A Burmese-Buddhist Woman's Agency in Contemporary Yangon, Myanmar: An Ethnopgraphic Portrait

    Matthew Fennessy

  • Nr. 07 (2016)
    Uncertain Blessings: Imagining a Future Petro-state in Uganda

    Annika Witte

  • Nr. 06 (2016)
    Old-age Provision in the Commune Niederkaufungen: A Reflection Using the Concept of Gift Exchange (in German)

    Kirsten Dohmwirth

  • Nr. 05 (2016)
    Word Wars - Competing Interpretations of the Armed Conflict between the LRA and the NRM Government in Northern Uganda (1986-2006)

    Julia Vorhölter

  • Nr. 04 (2016)
    Gendered Agency - Das Engagement der Frauen von MachsomWatch in Israel und dem Westjordanland

    Johanna Kühn

  • Nr. 03 (2016)
    "The Hybridity of the Nation": Narrative Strategies of Group Formation in Iraqi Kurdistan from the Perspective of Homi K. Bhabha

    Tom Scheunemann

  • No. 02 (2016)
    "Red Weddings": An Ethnographic Analysis of Cambodian Marriage Biographies during the Khmer Rouge Era (in German)

    Sophie Städing

  • No. 01 (2015)
    Paintings from Papua-Neuguinea: Actors, Representations, Identities (in German)

    Jasmin Ii Sabai Günther