Chair of Retailing

Personal details

After his general qualification for university entrance and his education as an Industrial Business Management Assistant Prof. Rainer Lademann studied Business Administration at the University of Göttingen.
After his diploma in 1980 he was an assistant at the department of Marketing and Retailing under the direction of Prof. Bartho Treis. There he focused his research on issues concerning the institutional trade and economically competitive questions in industry and trade. Thereupon he wrote his doctoral thesis dealing with buyer-power of trading companies.
Since 1986 he is managing partner of the Lademann & Associates GmbH and of the Dr. Lademann & Partner GmbH, which are both located in Hamburg. He is specialized in the competition economics and not sector-specific consultancy for the antitrust law as well as in the consultancy of retailers belonging questions of place and object.
After some teaching assignments, he became an honorary professor at the Chair of Marketing and Retailing in 2005.
His major concentrates on identifying, evaluating and measuring mechanism for stimulating in market and competition as well as the analysis of market- and competition mechanism. At the Chair of Retailing, his is dealing with Marketing Impact Measurement and the development of place and object in retailing.