Dr. Christiane Falck

Christiane Falck is one of our postdoctoral research fellows and lecturers. Her regional focus is Oceania, particularly Papua New Guinea and the Sepik River region. Christiane completed her PhD at James Cook University (Australia) and Aarhus University (Denmark) in June 2016 with the project 'Calling the Dead - Spirits, Mobile Phones and the Talk of God in a Sepik River Community (Papua New Guinea)'. In her PhD project, she investigated religious and technological change and the (re-) appropriation of cultural elements. Christiane is also interested in concepts of the body and person, gender, cosmology and ontology, as well as human-environment-relations. Her postdoctoral research project 'Encountering Nature in the Anthropocene - humans, non-humans, and environmental change in the Sepik' (working title) aims to investigate how religious and ecological change impacts on a society whose cosmology is based on an intimate relationship between humans and their environment.