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The Faculty introduces itself

The University of Göttingen (Georg-August-Universität) was founded in 1737 in the spirit of the Enlightenment. The Faculty of Theology was one of the first faculties to be established in the university and it remains true to its rational-critical legacy. On the basis of exacting philological and historical research its objective is to contribute to discussions on and the shaping of modern Protestantism.

Fifteen chairs ensure at least a double occupancy of all the classical disciplines of theology, as well as in research and teaching of special disciplines such as (theological) Ethics, Judaism, Church Law, Eastern Churches / Oriental Church History, and Religious Studies. Numerous academic staff in the departments and research projects greatly increase the range of courses on offer and, at the same time, personalise the diverse research activities of the faculty.

The Göttingen Faculty is currently one of the most research-intensive protestant theological faculties in German-speaking countries, aided by the strong linkage with internal institutions of the university (such as with the Faculty of Humanities) and non-university institutions (including the Institute of Canon Law of the EKD and the Göttingen Academy of Sciences and Humanities), as well as a wide range of international co-operations and - as basis - the excellent individual research of faculty members.

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