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Application procedures for applicants who are citizens of non-EU/EEA states or stateless persons - only for placement in a higher semester, free admission programmes (Bachelor's, Magister Theology)

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Application deadline
Winter semester (beginning of studies in October): 1 March until 30 September
Summer semester (beginning of studies in April): 1 September until 31 March

Please make digital copies of the following documents. You will have to upload them via our online portal. Please make sure to select the correct type of document in our upload portal:

Mandatory application documents
University entrance qualification
Proof of german language proficiency
Proof of accreditation of your previous academic performances
Statutory declaration
Parental confirmation of consent (if applicant is younger than 18 years)

Recommended application documents
Evidence of Application fee payment (if paid by bank transfer)

Please do not send these documents by mail (post)!

Online registration
Enter your email address as well as a password and choose the semester for which you would like to apply. You will then receive a first confirmation email with your personal login data and a link to the application portal.
We will send updates and information to your registered mail account during the application process and subsequently your possible enrolment. Please check your spam, bulk, or junk mail folder regularly to ensure our emails are reaching your inbox.

Application portal
Fill in the online application form and submit your application data electronically. At the last step of your application, you are required to print out the statutory declaration generated by your data input ("Eidesstattliche Versicherung"). Please print and sign the document. Applicants younger than 18 years receive a parental declaration of consent in addition to the statutory declaration. After submission of your application you will receive a second confirmation email with a link to the upload portal as well.

Upload of mandatory application documents to the upload portal
Please make sure to select the correct type of document in our upload portal.

Evaluation fee
The University of Göttingen imposes a fee for the review of university entrance entitlement (e.g. school diplomas) to the amount of 40 Euro. Unless exempted, pay the evaluation fee by bank transfer or credit card payment by the end of the application deadline at the latest. You will receive the evaluation of your certificates with your final notification.

Admission / rejection
After the end of the application deadline we will begin with our selection process. You will receive updates and information on your status between July and August (winter semester) or between January and February (sommer semester) at the earliest.

Questions? Questions!
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