Göttingen International

Scholarships and Funding for International Students

The study expenses at the University of Göttingen are relatively low since there are no tuition fees on top of the administrative fees. Even so, securing funding for your studies is essential. Keep in mind that a secure financial situation is fundamental for successful studies.

With the exception of the so-called "Deutschlandstipendium", German universities usually do not provide scholarships and thus, applicants should refer to external organisations for funding–both in Germany and in their home country. Please note that new undergraduate students are rarely eligible to apply for funding prior to starting their studies. Only a very few donors award scholarships to students who are enrolled in undergraduate programmes and a citizen of a state outisde of the EU and EEA.


The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is the major scholarship provider for international students. Please note that it sometimes provides scholarships in cooperation with local partners.

Postgraduate Programmes

If you apply for a postgraduate programme, check with our study advisors, programme coordinators or graduate schools whether they can advise on exclusive funding schemes for your subject/programme.

Funding Providers

Once you are enrolled in your study programme you become eligible to apply for a number of scholarships. Many of these organisations have nominated "liason lecturers" (Vertrauensdozenten) as contacts for applicants seeking funding.

The following list does not exhaust all possible sources of funding. For instance, private donors and many smaller organisations are not included. Most donors in this list only grant scholarships to international students who are enrolled in postgraduate programmes. Private donors and smaller organisations can usually only be found on listings and databases curated by commercial publishers.

Partial Scholarships and Grants Awarded by the University of Göttingen

The University of Göttingen awards partial scholarships as part of a private-public partnership. All students enrolled at the University can apply for the “Deutschschlandstipendium” and “Niedersachsenstipendien”.


Looking at scholarship databases allow you to find additional donors not directly present at Göttingen University.

Earning money

Most students use serveral sources of income to finance their studies. For many students in Germany it's quite normal to work part-time whilst studying. International students are allowed to work in Germany. Students from countries outside of the EU are allowed to work 240 half days (or 120 full days) per year. Many students work as student or research assistants, others in cafés and restaurants or at trade fairs. Please keep in mind that knowing German can significantly increase your chances of finding a part-time job.


Most scholarship programmes are merit based and often take into consideration extra-curricular activities of applicants. After your first semesters, your chances to provide evidence of academic excellence and engagement improve significantly.

Academic Degree Bursaries

The International Office's bursary and financial assistance committee awards partial bursaries to international students who are about to finish their studies and who had predominantly financed their studies on their own until the moment of application for this bursary.