Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Global Business

The globally focused bilingual master's programme in global business will prepare you for the international working environment in the global economy. You will learn the fundamentals in international business administration and can also choose a speciality area. Due to the required semester abroad component at one of our many international partner universities of the Faculty or University, you an also acquire additional and relevant language skills and international skills. The programme also offers the possibility of completing a double degree with the renowned University of Nanjing, China.

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General information

  • The master's degree programme in gobal business is accredited by the Central Evaluation and Accreditation Agency (ZEvA Hannover).
  • The standard period of study is four semesters.
  • Programme languages: German and English (relevant language skills will need to be demonstrated as part of the application process)
  • Students are admitted every winter semester (the programme begins in October)

Aplication deadine

  • Applications are accepted during the call for applications (April 1 - May 15). Please use the online application form which will be available during the call for application period. Prospective applicants from abroad must use the online application form as well. If you have not completed a bachelor's degree at the time of application, you must have obtained at least 150 credit points in a relevant course of study.
  • The online application form as well information on the admissions procedure can be found under Application and Admission.

The internationalization of companies, and increasingly global integration and intensified competitiveness are fundamental developments that determine commerce in the 21st century. Against this background, complex matters facing businesses must be resolved in an increasingly global environment. As a result, special demands are placed on companies and their employees.

The globally oriented bilingual master's programme in global business will prepare you for these new developments and the subsequent international work environments. You will learn the fundamentals in international business administration. Based on the many elective course offerings, you can also select your own topics and develop your own specialty area.

Through the obligatory semester abroad at one of the many international partner universities of the Faculty or the University, you can gain further relevant language and intercultural skills. The programme also offers the possibility of participating in a double degree programme with the renowned University of Nanjing Business School, China. Additional double degree programme options are also underway.

The four-semester-long master's programme in global business requires the completion of 120 credits through the following coursework:

  • Basismodule (mandatory courses): 24 credits
  • Spezialisierungsbereich (specialization): 24 credits
  • Seminar (seminar): 6-12 credits
  • Quantitative Methoden (quantitative methods): 6 credits
  • Volkswirtschaftslehre (economics): 6 credits
  • Wahlbereich (electives): 18-24 credits
  • Masterarbeit (master’s thesis): 30 credits

The English-language mandatory courses should advance and deepen your existing knowledge of information systems; finance, accounting, and taxes; management; and marketing. Moreover, you will develop the fundamentals needed for electives in the specialization component. In this area, students can develop their own focus area (major) in the areas of information systems; finance, accounting, and taxes; management; or marketing to further develop their own academic profile.

The seminar component will cover a specific topic in international business administration. The component quantitative methods prepares students with the skills needed to apply academic research methods in business and economics. In the economics component, students deepen their knowledge of economic issues. For electives, students can take language courses or other courses related to a personal area of specialization in other areas of business and economics, as well as other related fields.

The mandatory and specialization courses as well as the seminars can be found within the content areas of business administration focus areas of finance, accounting and taxes; management; marketing; or information systems. Master's degree students can also request that their concentration area is stated on their master's degree certificate, as long as they completed at least 30 credits in a specific topic.

The programme also requires an obligatory semester abroad at a foreign university (please click here for an overview of our partner universities). While studying abroad, students should complete a total of 30 credits. A minimum of 18 credits must be proven and transferred back to the University of Göttingen. In case of any questions please contact the Study Abroad Advisory Services of the Faculty's Service Centre for Students.

The following illustration provides a schematic overview of the structure of the master's programme in global business:
Schaubild Studienverlauf Master Global Business 800px

The degree programme is structured as follows:
1. Mandatory Courses (24 C)

2. Specialization (24 C)
3. Seminar (6 - 12 C)
4. Quantitative Methods (6 C)
5. Economics (6 C)
6. Electives (18-24 C)
7. Master's thesis (30 C)
In order to apply the acquired knowledge in practice, to gain first work experience or to get to know possible relevant professional fields - the Faculty of Business and Economics welcomes students to gain practical experience during their studies. Therefore, you have the possibility to have a voluntary internship in the elective area of your studies credited under certain conditions. You can find detailed information here.
Job portal of the University of Göttingen with external job offers: Stellenwerk Göttingen (in German)
Graduates of the master's programme in global business are particularly well prepared for a career in multinational corporations, international medium-sized companies, and at international organizations.

Depending on your concentration area, you will be equipped to work in the respective areas in companies and organizations and assume management tasks. Furthermore, you will be prepared for an international academic career.
Starting in the 2018/19 winter semester, the University of Göttingen Faculty of Business and Economics offers a double degree programme with the Nanjing University Business School (NJUBS) in China. Within four semesters, well-qualified students can complete both a Master of Science degree in global business at the University of Göttingen, as well as a Master of Management at Nanjing University: More information