Conference '''Bildung' for sustainable development''
23.-24. November 2018, University of Göttingen
Conference '''Bildung' for sustainable development''<br/>23.-24. November 2018, University of Göttingen

Conference '''Bildung' for sustainable development''
23.-24. November 2018, University of Göttingen

The concept of sustainable development is now widely recognised in politics, society and science. The declared aim is that people living today can satisfy their needs without risking that future generations will no longer be able to do so. It is all about ecological sustainability, social justice, economic sustainability and citizens' participation in shaping social and political processes. 'Bildung' plays a key role in this. For this reason, the foundation stone of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) was laid at the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in the Agenda 21. This was followed by international initiatives such as the UN Decade for ESD (2005-2014) and the World ESD Action Programme.

The conference deals with the concept of sustainability, prepares objectives and approaches of education for sustainable development and provides a forum for exchanging views on the opportunities and challenges of education for sustainable development. Among other things, the following questions will be examined: How should education deal with the conflicting goals of the various dimensions of sustainable development? How can we provide an interdisciplinary and holistic view of problems and approaches for solutions? How do we get from knowledge to action? Central suggestions come from the partner universities of the U4 network (Uppsala, Gent, Groningen). The conference focus is on digitisation, early childhood education, teacher training and the role of sustainability at universities.

Conference languages are German and English. All plenary sessions will be interpreted simultaneously.


Climate Protection Days 2018 in Göttingen

Climate protection in its entire range is the topic of the Göttingen Climate Protection Days 2018, which the city of Göttingen is hosting for the sixth time this year.
From Sunday, 19 August, to Friday, 24 August, a large network of Göttingen initiatives presents many ideas on how to make a simple contribution to climate protection. Numerous events focusing on Göttingen city centre invite visitors to take a look at the topic from different perspectives and take part in activities.
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Conference "Transparency for Sustainable Development: Impulses for learning processes in the value chain and in consumer behaviour"

We would like to inform about the conference "Transparency for Sustainable Development: Impulses for learning processes in the value-added chain and in consumer behaviour" organised by the University of Göttingen, the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences and the Collaborative Research Group Institutional Analysis (sofia) together with the Evangelische Akademie Loccum. The meeting will be held on September 26th and 27th, 2018.
Numerous projects from the FONA funding measure "Sustainable Management" discuss their findings and recommendations on the subject of transparency with researchers and with actors from companies, administration, politics and NGOs.
These include the following questions:

  • (How) Can consumers be encouraged to "sustainable" consumption with product information and other impulses?
  • What are the main incentives and obstacles to the provision of information and sustainability management in the value chain?
  • What role do government agencies and private intermediaries such as NGOs play in providing information and certification?
  • How does digitization transform transparency systems?

The aim of the conference is to contribute to looking for a fair "data traffic order" that balances the new possibilities of increased transparency, the legitimate confidentiality interests and still existing cost considerations of companies with the control objectives and information needs of society.
More information about the conference and the program can be found on the leaflet.