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Institut für Landwirtschaftsrecht

Institut für Landwirtschaftsrecht

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The institute was founded in 1961 and is now one of the leading research centers of agricultural law in Germany and Europe.

Research focuses on the European, national and comparative agricultural law, in particular the agricultural lease law, real estate transactions, competition law and antitrust, state aid law, copyright law, renewable energy law, food law, nature conservation law, animal welfare and the right of rural areas.

The Institute's library contains about 25,000 books.

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Fabian, Anna Christina, Die Stellung der Frau im Agrarrecht, in: Schriften zum Agrar-, Umwelt- und Verbraucherschutzrecht, Bd. 79, Baden-Baden 2018

Just published as the 79th volume in the series "Schriften zum Agrar-, Umwelt- und Verbraucherschutzrecht" is the dissertation of Mrs. Anna Christina Fabian on the subject: "The position of women in agricultural law - An investigation on the basis of family and inheritance law and the old-age insurance of farmers ".

There are already some empirical studies on the social status of women in the agricultural sector, while their legal status has remained unexplored. The work closes this gap by considering and evaluating the empirical data.
The focus of the investigation is the constitutional analysis of the agricultural-specific privileges of family and inheritance law, the effects which primarily affect women disadvantageously, indirectly discriminate against them and thereby intervene in Article 3 (2) of the Grundgesetz.
In addition, the legislative reforms already undertaken by the legislator to improve the legal position of the spouses in the context of the farmers' old-age insurance are examined for their suitability.
The study serves as the basis and objectification of the current legal policy debate on the role of women in agriculture, where more than 90% businesses are run by men.