Plant ecology and ecosystems research

Plant ecology and ecosystems research

About us

The department of Plant Ecology was a former member of the Systematisch-Geobotanisches Institut of the University of Göttingen and is now part of the Albrecht-von-Haller-Institute for Plant Sciences (9 departments) in the Biological Faculty.

The department has a long-standing history in plant ecological and geobotanical research with Franz Firbas (1952-1964), Heinz Ellenberg (1966-1981) and Michael Runge (1982-1999) having been former directors.

Research focuses on experimental plant ecology and ecosystem research.

The Botanical Garden - Section Experimental Ecology (New Botanical Garden) is integrated into the department.

Our staff of about 40 members comprises 11 scientists (including postdoc-positions) and 18 PhD-students.


Christoph Leuschner, Heinz Ellenberg 2017 Vegetation Ecology of Central Europe

Leuschner_2017_Ecology_Forests Volume I Ecology of Central European Forests

Leuschner_2017_Ecology_Non-Forests Volume II Ecology of Central European Non-Forest Vegetation: Coastal to Alpine, Natural to Man-Made Habitats

Christoph Leuschner, Heinz Ellenberg 2010 Vegetation Mitteleuropas mit den Alpen

Leuschner_2010_Vegetation-Mitteleuropas-mit-den-Alpen Vegetation Mitteleuropas mit den Alpen

Stefan Meyer, Christoph Leuschner (Hrsg.)
100 Äcker für die Vielfalt - Initiativen zur Förderung der Ackerwildkrautflora in Deutschland
ISBN 978-3-86395-184-9