Georg-August-Universität Göttingen

Information about the Safety/Environmental Section

Safety/Environmental Protection provides services for both the Faculty of Medicine/University Hospital and for the Presidential Board of the University. It deals with questions of employee safety, environmental protection, radiation safety, gene technology, dangerous substances, transportation of dangerous substances and their disposal as well as the running of the central warehouse

Safety and Occupational Health

The individual's obligation to ensure health and safety in the workplace

All employees have the duty to obtain the highest possible safety standard when working in the buildings and grounds of the University and are obliged to act responsibly and with consideration to the environment. 
Accordingly, all staff, workers, civil servants, students, trainees, civilian service providers and trainee carers as well as associates of outside companies, are obliged to observe the relevant regulations relating to occupational health and safety and environmental protection as binding laws, and to comply with or seek their manager's respective directives.  
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Enviromental Protection

The Environmental Protection Department is the point of contact for all employees and students at the university, including the Medical Faculty Göttingen, for all questions related to occupational environmental protection.

Our key focus areas include:
          Waste Management
          Water pollution control
          Transport of hazardous materials
          Environmental protection aspects in terms of sustainability   
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Radiation protection - X-rays

The Safety/Environmental Protection Department supports those responsible for radiation protection through their Radiation Protection Officers. The responsible person at the University of Göttingen is the President of the University. The responsible person in the Medical Faculty Göttingen is the Speaker of the Managing Board V3. The President or the Speaker of the Managing Board V3 is responsible for the organisation of radiation protection through suitable regulation of operational procedures. This includes appointing trained Radiation Protection Officers, providing rooms, equipment and devices, as well as implementing suitable protective measures that correspond to the current scientific and technical knowledge for the protection of people and the environment against the damaging effects of ionising radiation. . read more ... 

Fibrous-Particle-Measuring Department

The Fibrous-Particle-Measuring Department at the Faculty of Medicine Göttingen has primarily been employed as an internal measuring department for the university medical centre.
The department's main task is the monitoring of the condition of all building in terms of a potentially release of asbestos and other hazard respirable fibers e.g. special man-made mineral fibers (MMMF), as well as final clearance air monitoring linked to asbestos abatements.
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• Biological Agents Ordinance (BioStoffV)
• Genetic Engineering
• Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases (IfSG)

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