Bachelor Musicology

Since winter term 2006/07, the BA musicology can be studied as part of the two-subject-BA-degree programme at the Philosophical Faculty. Furthermore, musicology offers modules to be studied as area of competence outside ethnology within the one-subject-BA-degree "Ethnology" at the Faculty of Social Sciences.
Within the two-subject-BA-degree programme, musicology can be studied in the profiles "specialisation" (66+18 C musicology), "job-related study" and "general studies" (both 66 C musicology).
If you have two other major subjects, you can study a musicology module package (18 C) as optional area in the profile "job-related study". If you study in the profile "general studies", you can choose modules freely for your optional area.
The duration of the BA-programme is 3 years. Please refer to the provided links for details.