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Press Releases

How nature regulates CO2 flux

The biogeoscientist Professor Alexander Knohl of the Faculty of Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology at Göttingen University has been awarded a Consolidator Grant by the European Research Council (ERC). Starting 1 October 2016, the ERC is providing a total of nearly two million euros to fund Prof. Knohl’s research for five years. more...

A comparison model for the Sun

An international team of scientists led by the University of Göttingen has observed a Sun-like magnetic cycle on another star for the first time. The discovery is important not only for stellar physics, but also to understand and predict how the Sun affects the Earth and our technological society through its magnetic activity. more...

Greater exchange between Germany and Japan

The consortium universities in the German-Japanese University Network HeKKSaGOn intend to further intensify the exchange between students and young researchers and scientists. At the fifth HeKKSaGOn conference in Karlsruhe the six rectors and presidents presented their concept of "Increasing Student Mobility for the Scientists and Pioneers of Tomorrow". more...

Crystals for energy conversion

When the atoms of crystals are specially arranged, they enable the conversion of mechanical energy into electrical energy. How atomic crystal defects have an effect on the mechanical properties of these materials, has now been studied by an international research team with participation of the University of Göttingen. more...

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Guild calls for enhanced European university collaboration

Over the past few weeks, evidence has been mounting that the UK’s referendum result on BREXIT has begun to undermine collaborative research through a decline in joint funding applications involving UK partners. A core strength of Europe, the free circulation of ideas, of researchers, and of students, is being undermined: this will be to the long-term detriment not just of the UK, but of all of Europe. more...

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