Göttingen Diversity Research Institute


Areas of Work

Director of the Institute
Professor Andrea D. Bührmann is the Director of the Diversity Research Institute.

Chair: Sociology of diversity
Professor Andrea D. Bührmann is professor for the sociology of diversity. Since April 2017, Dr. Astrid Biele Mefebue is Acting Professor for the sociology of Diversity.

Teaching and fundamental research

  • Coordinator: Ulrike Thiele-Manjali
  • Research staff: Carolyn Stolberg, Ulrike Thiele-Manjali
  • Other staff: Kristina Schneider

Applied research and consultancy

  • Coordinator: Dr. Doreen Müller
  • Research Staff: Katharina Jäntschi, Dr. Doreen Müller

Administration and strategic development

  • Coordinator: Elena V. Buck
  • Research staff: Elena V. Buck, Nelly C. Schubert
  • Administrative staff: Jutta Grimm