Göttingen Diversity Research Institute

Göttingen Diversity Research Institute

Welcome to the website of the Göttingen Diversity Research Institute!

The Göttingen Diversity Research Institute researches processes of diversification and their consequences. The Institute’s primary aim is to develop research on diversity and processes of diversification, both theoretically and empirically. We focus in particular on organisational issues.
Other areas of interest include the micro level, the macro level and the symbolic order.

We are interested in the following questions:

  • How, when and why do organisations respond to diversity?
  • Which societal processes and tendencies lead to diversification and diversity?
  • How, and to what extent, are individuals affected by different dimensions of diversity?
  • How are diversity management policies perceived by universities, businesses, governments, the press, etc.?

The Institute also advises the University of Göttingen in implementing diversity management policies that are research-based and research-oriented.

Andrea D. Bührmann to give public keynote lecture in Tokyo


Andrea D. Bührmann, director of the Diversity Research Institute, has been invited to a conference in Tokyo by the German Institute for Japanese Studies.

In addition to participating in the two-day conference, she is to give a public keynote lecture entitled “Doing research on diversity - Reflections from a reflexive diversity research perspective”. The event “From Flexible Rigidities to Embracing Diversity? Work-related Diversity and its Implications in Japan and Beyond” will take place in Tokyo on 1 December 2017.


Video about the International Summer School "Globalization and Diversity" and Save the Date for 2018!


This year's International Summer School "Globalization and Diversity" in Göttingen has been captured on video. Watch it on youtube and hear about students' and organisers' perspectives on the event.

Save the Date!
The next International Summer School "Globalization and Diversity" will take place from August 2 - 16 2018 in Göttingen. More information can be found here.