In publica commoda


• A permit from the Federal Institute of Medications and Medical Products is required by all those growing, producing or trading narcotics, and by those introducing narcotics without trading and/or exporting, giving out or selling narcotics and by anyone who is putting narcotics into circulation in any other way or is purchasing narcotics or wanting to produce narcotic preparations not on the list.
• Anyone partaking in the circulation of narcotics has to store the narcotics in his possession separately and protect them against unauthorised access.
• The owner of narcotics no longer suitable for circulation must dispose of these at his own cost in the presence of two witnesses in a way that rules out full or partial reconstitution of the narcotics whilst also ensuring protection of humans and the environment from harmful influences. The destruction must be documented in writing, the protocol must be kept for three years.
• A permit from the Federal Institute for Medications and Medical Products is required by anyone producing particular raw materials (for the production of narcotics), or purchasing them, selling them or otherwise intending to bring them into circulation.
• Notifications are to be made through the department for Health and Safety/Environmental Protection.