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Radiation protection - X-rays

The Safety/Environmental Protection Department supports those responsible for radiation protection through their Radiation Protection Officers. The responsible person at the University of Göttingen is the President of the University. The responsible person in the Medical Faculty Göttingen is the Speaker of the Managing Board V3. The President or the Speaker of the Managing Board V3 is responsible for the organisation of radiation protection through suitable regulation of operational procedures. This includes appointing trained Radiation Protection Officers, providing rooms, equipment and devices, as well as implementing suitable protective measures that correspond to the current scientific and technical knowledge for the protection of people and the environment against the damaging effects of ionising radiation.

The department supports all university faculties and all university medical centres in whose departments either radioactive materials are handled or where devices that emit ionising radiation are operated.

The tasks of the department include:

  • Preparing applications for approval according to StrlSchV and RöV with the responsible regulatory authority for handling radioactive materials or constructing and commissioning devices that emit ionising radiation (X-ray machines, accelerator facilities).
  • Grading and designating radioisotope laboratories into room categories (RK0-RK3) and providing advice on their structural fitting according to DIN 25425.
  • Appointing/dismissing Radiation Protection Officers in the name of the President or the Speaker of the Managing Board V3, as well as providing them with support and advice.
  • Looking after the laboratories in their daily work processes, advising on the use of personal protection equipment, decontamination, the use of suitable protective measures and radiation measurement devices, and the implementation of required personal dosimetry, as well as supporting restructuring measures (enlargement, reduction and relocation of laboratory areas).
  • Handling applications with the responsible regulatory authority within the approval processes for removing rooms or devices from radioactive areas, as well as the associated official free release measurements.
  • Supporting the departments in the recurring testing of devices (e.g. X-ray machines, leakage tests etc.).
  • Support with bookkeeping and accounting requirements and other reporting obligations (acquisition, sale and stock announcements with the responsible regulatory authority).
  • Supporting the Radiation Protection Officers in the creation of radiation protection instructions and informing employees about their regular training obligations, as well as their obligation to retain documentation according to StrlSchV and RöV (for some documents e.g. acquisition announcements for 30 years).
  • Support with waste disposal via the Central Waste Collection Department at the university.
  • Handling the application and management of radiation passes for those activities requiring permission in radiation protection areas run by third parties.
  • Cooperation with occupational health services to guarantee the provision of occupational health measures for persons exposed to radiation at work.

  • Every employee or student who has questions about radiation protection can directly contact the department. We remain in close contact with all Radiation Protection Officers and the heads of each department. In addition, we serve as the contact point for those persons exposed to radiation. We ensure that solutions are found to deal with problems, helpful contacts are made and employees are provided with support.