Conservation and sustainable utilization of plant genetic resources in SE-Asia

The conservation and utilization of plant genetic resources are indispensable aspects of the development of sustainable land use strategies and the maintenance of biological diversity.

Our understanding of genetic variation patterns within tree species and other non-domesticated plants in SE-Asia is poor at best, and few specialists are working in this field of growing importance.

We aim to develop human capacities by bringing together scientists from three Asian universities with a strong background in conservation issues and the development of sustainable land use strategies (IPB Bogor, Indonesia; HCM-University, Vietnam; Visayas State University, Philippines) with two European universities with a long experience in the assessment of forest genetic resources in Asia (Goettingen University, Germany and Lyon University, France). Activities of this two-year project will focus on training of researchers serving as multipliers, but also involve research on threatened species.

The ASEAN-EU University Network Programme (AUNP) was launched in January 2000 as a six-year programme with a total budget of €7.767.500. This initiative by the European Union (EU) and the ASEAN University Network (AUN) aims to enhance co-operation between higher education institutions in the two regions, to promote regional integration within ASEAN countries, and to strengthen the mutual awareness of European and Asian cultural perspectives.

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