Daria Kulemetieva, M.A.

Daria Kulemetieva was born and lived a major part of her life in Moscow; however from the very start of her educational and professional career she had a great interest in European affairs.

While getting her BA Hons. Degree in Sociology (State University – Higher School of Economics, Russia), she was active in AEGEE, a European youth association that is supported by the European Commission and stands for intercultural exchange and mobility of European youth. First being the secretary, then the Human Resource manager and finally the president of its Moscow office, Daria performed as organizer of a number of international educational and cultural events in Moscow for Russian and European youth.
During her MA studies in Human Resource Management (State University – Higher School of Economics, Russia), Daria was working as international partnership manager for an independent Film Festival in Moscow.

In 2007 Daria received an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship and in 2009 successfully completed the Euroculture MA programme (Georg-August-Universität-Göttingen, Universidad de Deusto). During her studies she made an internship at SIETAR-Europe, assisting with the organization of the SIETAR Global Intercultural Congress in Granada, Spain.

After completing her studies Daria worked in the field of international PR, taking part in organization of European-wide events and PR campaigns for various organizations, including the European Commission. At the same time she has been working as free-lance intercultural trainer for Berlitz with focus on Russia and Germany.

From April 2010 to September 2011 Daria supported the Euroculture team in general coordination, administrative and research tasks, as well as in the organization of the Intensive Programme 2011.

Daria then worked from 2011-2018 as International Marketing Officer for the International Office at Göttingen University, where she was primarily responsible for International Marketing and cooperation with Latin America.