Shipment and Delivery

Preparation of Living Algal Strains

Only test tube cultures are distributed (1 tube = 1 starter culture). Aliquots of algal strains that are maintained on agar slants are transferred to the surface of fresh slants in glass tubes in preparation for shipment. The fresh inocula are grown in a diurnal light cycle until a macroscopically visible lawn appears. Aliquots of strains cultured in liquid media are transferred to plastic screw-cap tubes on the day of shipment (ca. 10 ml). Shipments are packaged just prior to shipment.

Shipment Policy

Cultures are only shipped on Tuesdays, unless requested by the customer and approved by SAG staff. No cultures are shipped during the weeks of Christmas and New Year's Day and sometimes during holiday periods (check for messages on this site). Shipment of cultures may be delayed if weather reports indicate temperature extremes exist along the transit route.

For standard shipment we use German standard mailing service, without express or tracking option. Cultures will be sent by registered or express mail only if requested. This will cause some extra costs for shipment. Courier service can be used on request. For this you need to add the name of the chosen courier service (e.g. FEDEX or DHL) and your according customer ID on the SAG order form. All costs of transportation will then be charged to you directly by the courier service company.

Some countries have restrictions that limit, control, or prohibit the import of living algae. It is the responsibility of the customer to know which laws apply to the country that is to receive the shipment. Shipments to some countries must include an import permit to ensure that the shipment will not be confiscated in transit. The official permit may be prepared by the purchaser and sent via e-mail attachment or fax to the SAG Culture Collection (Fax: +49 551 397871).

Replacement Policy

Although we take every precaution in handling and packing of the samples, we cannot guarantee their safe arrival. We will replace cultures damaged or lost in the post only at the expense of the recipient.