SP A1: Supply Chain Governance

Governance in supply chains is assessed through NIE (New Institutional Economics) perspective and theories. Investigations of the different steps that build the chain are conducted in order to identify shortcomings in its flow of inputs.

Better understanding of structural changes in high-value food supply chains requires detailed empirical analysis. For instance, relatively little is known about the impacts of new standards and other governance mechanisms on market performance, efficiency, and value distribution. Subproject A1 focuses on every participant along the value chain. Starting with the primary producers in developing countries connected through traders, processors and retailers with consumers in developing, emerging and developed countries. One analysis used builds upon a firm-level perspective, using selected supply chains as case studies. Firms, from which data are collected through structured and semi-structured interviews, are in Europe (e.g., importers, processors) and in selected developing and emerging countries (e.g., exporters), ensuring direct links to the other three research areas. Another approach in this subproject is the evaluation of smallholders' preference for capacity development using a Discrete-Choice-Experiment. Finally the role of the so-called new multinationals from developing and emerging economies in global food supply chains is analyzed.

Topics of doctoral research:

  • Netchain analyses of food supply chains of products of animal origin: theoretical issues and empirical applications
  • Emerging market multinationals in the agribusiness sector: their relevance, strategies, and effects on governance mechanisms
  • Organizational structures and institutions of the dairy industry in developing and emerging countries; assessment of dairy cooperatives performance
  • Smallholders´ preference for capacity development in developing countries

Doctoral researchers involved:

Doctoral researchers of the first cohort:
Theresia Dominic
Nico Herforth
Anna K. Müller
Verena Otter
Thai Thuy Pham

Doctoral researchers of the second cohort:
Dirk Landmann

Doctoral researchers of the third cohort:
Ayobami Oluwasogo Adetoyinbo

Principal investigators/supervisors:
Ludwig Theuvsen