Ekaterina Ershova, MA

Ekaterina was born and raised in Ekaterinburg, Russia. She obtained her BA in Regional Studies from the Urals State University in 2007. The same year she was admitted to a Master's degree programme in International Relations. During her Master's studies she spent a semester abroad at the University of Bologna (Forlì, Italy).
Ekaterina has always been interested in Russia?s foreign affairs. Her interest was strengthened through an internship with the representative office of Ministry of foreign affairs in Ekaterinburg and participation in the third Russian-German youth parliament in 2007 (Wiesbaden, Germany).
Shortly before graduation in 2009 she received an Erasmus Mundus scholarship for studies at the University of Uppsala and the Georg-August-University of Göttingen.
Ekaterina completed her studies in March 2011 with her thesis entitled "From Yeltsin to Medvedev: shifts in the European dimension of Russia's foreign policy".
In April she joined the Euroculture Göttingen team to assist with the organization of the IP which was held in June 2011 in Göttingen. Before starting her current job, Ekaterina worked as a Project Assistant for ICUnet.AG in Cologne, where she was responsible for the organisation of intercultural trainings and supervision of Erasmus Mundus Association (EMA).
Ekaterina is also an active member of EMA and 2012 Euroculture representative.
From March 2012 - January 2016, Ekaterina worked as the Assistant Coordinator in Euroculture Göttingen Team where she was primarily responsible for general coordination/administration and tasks in relation to the modules on Eurocompetence.
Next to Euroculture Ekaterina also worked in the Dean of Studies Office at the Faculty of Social Sciences and at the International Office at Göttingen University.
As of January 2016, Ekaterina is responsible for contacts to scientific community and industry in the Mayor's Office at the Göttingen City Administration.