Submitted Papers & Preprints

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    Predicting tree species from 3D laser scanning point clouds using deep learning
  2. Weisser, C., Lenel, F., Lu, Y., Kis-Katos, K. and Kneib, T. (2020)
    Machine learning approaches for the daily classification of solar panel users with high frequency power usage data for default prediction
  3. Martins, R., de Sousa, B., Kneib, T., Hohberg, M., Klein, N., Rodrigues, V. and Duarte, E. (2020)
    Is age at menopause increasing? - Comparison of imputation methods to handle missing values
  4. Otto-Sobotka, F., Mirkov, R., Hofner, B. and Kneib, T. (2020)
    Modelling flow in gas transmission networks using shape-constrained expectile regression
  5. Wiemann, P., Kneib, T. and Wagner, H. (2020)
    Effect Selection and Regularization in Structured Additive Distributional Regression
  6. Wiemann, P., Klein, N. and Kneib, T. (2020)
    Correcting for Sample Selection Bias in Bayesian Distributional Regression Models
  7. Marques, I., Kneib, T. and Klein, N. (2020)
    Non-stationary wrapped Gaussian spatial response model
  8. Spiegel, E., Kneib, T., von Gablenz, P. and Otto-Sobotka, F. (2020)
    Generalized expectile regression with flexible response function
  9. Schmid, R., Kneib, T. and Ritz, A.(2020)
    Analytic expressions for the Cumulative Distribution Function of the Composed Error Term in Stochastic Frontier Analysis with Truncated Normal and Exponential Inefficiencies
  10. Wacker, B., Kneib, T. and Schlüter, J. (2020)
    On Existence and Uniqueness of Maximum Log-Likelihood Parameter Estimation for Two-Parameter Weibull Distributions
  11. Seebaß, J. V., Schlüter, J. C., Wacker, B. and Kneib, T. (2020)
    Application of an additive structured copula regression on the joint wind speed and wind direction distribution
  12. Wiemann, P. and Kneib, T. (2019)
    Using the Softplus Function to Construct Alternative Link Functions in Generalized Linear Models and Beyond
  13. Hohberg, M., Donat, F., Marra, G. and Kneib, T. (2019)
    Beyond unidimensional poverty analysis using distributional copula models for mixed ordered-continuous outcomes
  14. Gutleb, D. R., Roos, C., Heistermann, M., De Moor, D., Kneib, T., Noll, A., Schülke, O. and Ostner, J. (2019)
    A multi-locus genetic risk score modulates social buffering of HPA axis activity in wild male primates
  15. Stadlmann, S. and Kneib, T. (2019)
    distreg.vis: Interactively visualizing distributional regression models
  16. Hambuckers, J. and Kneib, T. (2019)
    Operational risk, uncertainty, and the economy: a smooth transition extreme value approach
  17. Herbst, H., Minnich, A., Herminghaus, S., Kneib, T., Wacker, B. and Schlüter, J. C. (2018)
    A Behavioral Economic Perspective on Demand Responsive Transportation
  18. Udy, K. L., Fritsch, M., Meyer, K. M., Grass, I., Hanß, S., Hartig, F., Kneib, T., Kreft, H., Kukunda, C., Pe’er, G., Reininghaus, H., Tietjen, B., Tscharntke, T., van Waveren, C.-S. and Wiegand, K. (2018)
    Environmental heterogeneity predicts global species richness patterns better than area
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    Gradient boosting in Markov-switching generalized additive models for location, scale and shape
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    Determinants of the Variability of Oxygen Saturation during the First Minutes of Life of Term Neonates
  21. Razen, A., Brunauer, W., Klein, N., Kneib, T., Lang, S. and Umlauf, N. (2015)
    Statistical risk analysis for real estate collateral valuation using Bayesian distributional and quantile regression
  22. März, A., Klein, N., Kneib, T. and Mußhoff, O. (2015)
    Intergenerational social mobility in the United States: A multivariate analysis using Bayesian distributional regression
  23. Oelker, M. R., Sobotka, F., Klein, N. and Kneib, T. (2014)
    Semiparametric Mode Regression
  24. Alvaro-Meca, A., Reulen, H., Kneib, T., Rodriguez-Gijon, L., Gil de Miguel, A. and Resino, S. (2013)
    Risk of hospital readmission and death among HIV infected patients with tuberculosis. A recurrent event analysis
  25. Sobotka, F., Schnabel, S., Schulze Waltrup, L., Kauermann, G. and Kneib, T. (2012)
    expectreg: An R Package for Expectile Regression