Graduiertenschule für Geisteswissenschaften Göttingen (GSGG)

Dr. Daniele Panizza

The interpretation and processing of scalar items and their relation with entailing patterns

Born in 1979 in Mantova (Italy), he got his master degree at University of Milano-Bicocca in experimental psychology, PhD at University of Trento, Department of cognitive sciences and education at Rovereto (Italy) and a post-Doc, he spent 1 year as post-Doc at Macquary University in Sydney (Australia) founded by Marica de Vincenzi Foundation, he spent 1 year and a half as Post-doc at the University of Geneve and he's currently a research fellow at the Graduate School of Humanities Gottingen (GSGG)

Research interests

  • Scalar implicatures: processing and interpretation through eye-tracking and ERP
  • Quantifier and logical words: processing and interpretation in adults and children
  • Semantic violation and neuroscience of language: ERP
  • Text, corpus analysis and parsing: computational models in Python