Prof. Dr. Elizabeth Goering

Elizabeth Goering is the Director of Graduate Studies and Associate Professor of Communication Studies at Indiana University / Purdue University Indianapolis, Indiana. Her major research interests lie in the relationship between communication and culture, organizational communication, health discourse, small-group communication, communication in conflict situations, and narratives methodologies. Additionally, a lot of her work focuses on Germany.

Elizabeth Goering has been involved in the Euroculture Masters programme in Göttingen since 2010, when she was Erasmus Mundus Action 3 Visiting Scholar. Since then, she has been supervising the courses Intercultural Communication and Methodology in summer terms at the University of Göttingen and has contributed to the Euroculture lectures series European Identity in the Wider World.

During the summer term, she is teaching Methodology and Eurocompetence classes, and will be a tutor at the Intensive Programme (IP) of the Consortium.