Program & Curriculum

  • To conclude the GPAR program, each participant shall take a total of four GPAR courses. Participants will receive a certificate of their successful completion of the GPAR program.

  • All participating chairholders provide at least one course each, which is scheduled to include two full days of teaching (16 SWS), and pertinent time for preparation and preparing course assignments.

  • Courses are categorized into three methodological areas: analytical, empirical and experimental.

  • Each course is offered once every year, thus enabling participating students to conclude the GPAR program within one year (two semesters).

  • Course language: English or German.

  • Small classes (up to 12 participants), intensive seminar-type teaching atmosphere.

Instructor Methodology Topic Frequency Semester
Dierkes Analytical Valuation annually Fall
Gillenkirch Experimental Behavioral Research in Management Accounting annually Spring
Hitz Empirical Empirical Research in Financial Accounting annually Spring
Schöndube Analytical Accounting Information and Performance Evaluation annually Fall
Scholze Analytical Strategic Disclosure of Accounting Information annually Spring
Wielenberg Analytical Economic Analysis of Conservatism in Accounting annuallly Fall