Dr. Ingo Gregor


Curriculum vitae


Oct. 1990 - May 1997 Study of Chemistry at the University Siegen, Germany
Specialization in Physical and Theoretical Chemistry
Diploma-Thesis: Aufbau eines Transientenspektrometers für den UV, VIS und NIR-Bereich

July 1997 - Sep. 2001 Ph.D. student at the University Siegen, Germany Stipend of the DFG-graduate school, Dept. of chemistry Doctoral-Thesis:Resonanz-Ramanspektren transienter Zustände stark fluoreszierender Farbstoffe


Oct. 1988 - May 1990 Civilian service
Division for Clinical Chemistry and Central Laboratory
University hospital, Philipps-University Marburg

Jan. 1994 - Sep. 2001 Programmer and software trainer
Fa. ZaCoTec, 57258 Freudenberg
Fa. ZABS GmbH, 35043 Marburg/Lahn

Oct. 1994 - June 1997 Student assistant
Department of Chemistry, University Siegen

Aug. 1997 - July 1998 Scientific assistant
Department of Chemistry, University Siegen

Oct. 2000 - Sep. 2001 Research scientist
Center of Sensor Systems, University Siegen

Oct. 2001 - June 2003 Project manager for instrument development
Atto-Tec GmbH, Siegen

July 2003 - May 2008 Staff scientist in the single molecule group
Institute for Neuroscience and Biophysics 1
Research Center Jülich GmbH

June 2008 - Dec. 2008 Senior scientist
Department of Molecular Neurosensorics
Research Center caesar at Bonn

since Jan. 2009 Senior scientist
3rd. Institute of Physics
Georg-August-University at Göttingen


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