Study Options on Offer

Our Master of Arts degree programmes offer a huge variety of choices:

  • a Single Honours programme for anyone wishing to focus solely on topics from English and North American language and literature(s);
  • a Joint Honours programme for students who would like to combine English Studies or North American Studies with another major or two minor subjects;
  • module packages on different aspects for students who would prefer to major in another subject but would still like to deepen their acquaintance with English topics.

The Master of Arts programmes largely focus on academic aspects, on critical analysis and research, but we also offer modules geared towards providing students with professional skills for working in archives, museums, or the literature industry.


  • As part of the Master of Education degree programme offered by the Faculty of Social Sciences, students can take English as one of their two subjects which they will later teach at a secondary school. This programme combines academic and didactic aspects.
  • A different programme is offered for students wishing to teach at vocational schools.