UCL Graduate Agreement

The Division of Medieval English Studies is proud to offer a dual degree arrangement with University College London.

Current first-year students of the Master of Arts in English: Language, Literatures and Cultures (with a demonstrable focus on Medieval Studies) or Medieval and Renaissance Studies can apply directly to UCL's one-year MA programme in Medieval and Renaissance Studies (MARS). If admitted, they will spend the second year of their Göttingen MA in London and gain a UCL degree, but they will also have all their credits, including the thesis, recognized towards their Göttingen degree. Thus in the time one would normally gain only a Göttingen degree, students are in a position to complete two full master's degrees while gaining the invaluable experience of studying Medieval and Renaissance Studies at one of the strongest universities in the field, with outstanding scholars like Susan Irvine and Richard North, and the manuscript treasures of the British Library right nextdoor.

The MA degree at UCL has only one moment of student intake annually, in September. If you cannot complete the first year of your Göttingen degree ahead of the September start of term at UCL, either because you started your programme in April or because you have averaged fewer than 30 ECTS per term, you are eligible to apply in the following year, i.e. you need to complete a minimum of two semesters in Göttingen before you are eligible for the joint arrangement, but you are not automatically disqualified if you require more time.

As the Division of Medieval English Studies does not itself offer a degree, we have no say over the course offerings or formal requirements of the degrees involved. For information about the programmes themselves, including the application procedure, we refer you to their respective websites:

If any questions remain, feel free to address them to Dr Paul Langeslag at planges@uni-goettingen.de.