Principal investigators

The core of the research training group is formed by twelve professors from the universities of Hannover and Göttingen. Detailed information about the professors can be found on their personal web pages.

Investigators Main research area Leading PI in project
Axel Dreher

    Development Economics, International Economics, Political Economy, Public Economics, Economics of Aid

P4 Official capital flows (aid)
Marcela Ibañez Díaz

    Behavioral Development Economics, Experimental Economics, Labor Economics, Environmental Economics, Economics of Crime

P7 Drug production and consumption,
P18 Gender and labor markets
Martin Gassebner

    International Economics, International Political Economy, Economics of Terrorism

P6 Migration and terrorism
Krisztina Kis-Katos

    Development Economics, International Economics, Political Economy, Applied Econometrics

P20 FDI, firms and local development
Stephan Klasen

    Development Economics, Poverty, Inequality, Undernutrition, Economics of Gender

P8 Inequality and globalization,
P9 Values and well-being
Tatyana Krivobokova

    Statistics, Nonparametric Regression, Statistical Modeling

P1 Measurement and methods
Lukas Menkhoff

    Development Economics, International Finance, Risk, Foreign Exchange, Market Microstructure, Expectations, Financial Inclusion, Financial Literacy

P2 Private capital flows
Patrick Puhani

    Labor Economics, Personnel Economics, Economics of Education, Health Economics, Applied Economics

P11 Family, labor, and education
Susan Steiner

    Development Economics, Poverty, Risk, Insurance, Microfinance, Social Networks, Labor Markets

P19 Social networks
Holger Strulik

    Economic Growth, Development Economics, Population Economics, Health and Aging, Public Finance, Dynamic Game Theory

P10 Poverty and demography,
P12 Distances, technologies, and development
Sebastian Vollmer

    Global Health, Longrun Development, Poverty, Inequality, Economics Demography

P16 Child health and development,
P17 Adult health and productivity
Andreas Wagener

    Public Economics, International Taxation, Public Goods, Social Policy, Risk

P14 Taxation, economic development, and norms,
P15: Risk-coping mechanisms