Aspasia Werner was a GlobalFood member from 2017-2020. The information on this site reflects the status at the point of leaving GlobalFood.


Aspasia Werner

Previous Field of Research

Product differentiation and consumer preferences
[Chair of Marketing for Food and Agricultural Products, Supervisor: Prof. Achim Spiller, Global Food Subproject B1)

Field of interest

Consumer behaviour, consumer preferences, experimental methods, cross-cultural approaches, alternative food lifestyles, consumer motivation analysis

Research interest

mental models of consumption behavior, mind development techniques (mindfulness), worldviews, alternative dietary lifestyles, choice/decision making dynamics


  • 2012 -- B.Sc. Agricultural Economics, University of applied sciences of Business and Environment Nürtingen-Geislingen; Germany
    Thesis: DRIFT-MIRS-based prediction of 137Cesium in soils of a semi-arid watershed in Morocco
  • 2015 -- M.Sc. Sustainable International Agriculture, Georg-August-University Göttingen and University of Kassel-Witzenhausen; Germany
    Focus: International organic agriculture
    Thesis: Assessment of On-Farm, Market, and Wild Food Diversity in Three Agro-Ecological Zones of Western Kenya

Professional development

  • 2014 - Tropentag Prag; Czechs Republic
    Poster presentation: Assessment of on-farm, market and wild food diversity in three different agro ecological zones of Western Kenya
  • 2018 - SenseAsia; Malaysia
    Poster presentation: The Yoga of Sustainability. How spirituality and mindfulness affect consumer behavior.


German (native), English (fluent), Spanish (advanced), Greek (basic)